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Sound Essence

The Chakra Sound Essences embrace the work of raising the vibration of our energy centres by orchestrating a chakra specific symphony of healing information found in Sound, Colour, Gems & Crystals, Affirmations, Symbols and in some products Aroma.

The Chakra Sound Essences have been charged with the energy wave of sound, each essence holding a whole note, which resonates with a chakra energy centre. The sound structured essence then serves as a macerate for the rose quartz crystal and the chakra specific gemstone and is called an elixir. Elixirs are then used to produce the chakra oils, chakra mist, and chakra personal-use essences. The labeling of the essences also offers the significance of harmony; the ancient chakra symbol has deep healing capacity in our subconscious, as do the positive affirming words.

Reach beyond traditional tools and modalities - Discover the experience of Sound Essences today. Available in oils, misters and essences.