Kinesiology College of Canada

Mastery of Emotional Stress Release                                                      

Sound Essence Certification Program - Kelowna                 

BKP 101 - 103                                                                       
Sound Essence Certification Program - Salmon Arm  

5 - Element Fundamentals & Muscle Testing Basics          

BKP 103 - 105                                                                       
Sound Essence Certification Program - Red D

BKP 105 - 108  

Tibetan Energy                                                                     

BKP 108 - 110                                                                       

ICPKP International Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice™

Stress Release Made Easy

Mastery of Emotional Stress Release                   

K-Power® Body & Mind

Excellent continuing education workshops...

Mind - puts the power of choice and change back into your hands.

Body - is perfect for the Manual Therapists or Body Worker


Class Dates 2017

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First Step...

 ...into building the foundation of energy medicine. 

Diploma of


Feb 16 & 17

March 11 & 12

March 20-24

March 25 & 26


April 24-28

May 5-7

May 15-19


June 19-23




The PKP Certification Program teaches a wealth of kinesiology techniques including the PKP unique finger-molding system, Five Element and Amygdala Emotion Charts.


Becoming a Kinesiopractor® equates to approximately 3800 hours of learning and is the most comprehensive, student-centred training in kinesiology available worldwide.